FaceIt eCard Xmas Rockers eCard

Xmas Rockers

This Christmas card features 5 deer all wearing Santa hats in a band playing…

410 votes
FaceIt eCard Dancing Xmas Deer eCard

Dancing Xmas Deer

This Merry Christmas card features 3 dancing reign deer. The funny thing is…

485 votes
FaceIt eCard Christmas Nativity eCard

Christmas Nativity

This Christmas eCard has a nativity feel to it and features the 3 wise men,…

75 votes
FaceIt eCard Santas Sleigh eCard

Santas Sleigh

Firstly the scene is that of 6 reign deer pulling a sled with Santa in. They…

166 votes
FaceIt eCard Dancing Santa eCard

Dancing Santa

This Christmas eCard features Santa and 4 elves all dancing away to a Christmas…

795 votes
FaceIt eCard Saucy Male Snow Globe eCard

Saucy Male Snow Globe

This Christmas card is a little bit saucy and fun! It starts off with a man…

42 votes
FaceIt eCard Saucy Xmas Snow Globe eCard

Saucy Xmas Snow Globe

This Christmas card is a bit saucy and it enables a user to chop the head out…

31 votes

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These face upload Christmas eCards are just fabulous! We have load of them and they are so much fun to send during this festive period. You can crop the head out of a photo (or even multiple heads) and then send them to friends and family for free. You can even post the cards to facebook. Sending an ecard at Christmas is just so much more environmentally friendly and in this day and age we all need to do our bit for the planet. Also is is now just so expensive at Christmas to use the Royal Mail.