World Cup Fired eCard

World Cup Fired

The scene of this sports e-card starts off with a bloke sitting at his desk…

3 votes
Good Luck Team eCard

Good Luck Team

This good luck e-card starts off with a skinny little bloke watching a football…

3 votes
Birthday Stud eCard

Birthday Stud

This card has a small animation of a lonely drunk guy with a beer on his birthday,…

1 votes
FaceIt eCard Golfer Dad eCard

Golfer Dad

If your Dad is a keen golfer then why not send him this sporty e-Card for Father’s…

20 votes
FaceIt eCard Golf Birthday eCard

Golf Birthday

If you know someone who is a keen golfer and it is also their birthday coming…

25 votes
World Cup Walkies eCard

World Cup Walkies

This sport e-card starts off with a scene of a wife at home at the dinner table…

3 votes
World Cub Sex eCard

World Cub Sex

This sporting e-card starts off with a character who I think looks a bit like…

7 votes
I Won U Lost eCard

I Won U Lost

This is best described as a gloating e-card, it starts off with a little devil…

7 votes
Hate The Ref eCard

Hate The Ref

This e-card starts off with a referee in a football game and he blows his whistle…

11 votes
World Cup Fever eCard

World Cup Fever

This e-card starts with a picture of a car looking close up at the front wheel.…

5 votes

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