Old Couple eCard

Old Couple

This small animation of two old people a male and female are watching t.v with…

Made For Each Other eCard

Made For Each Other

A simple eCard which shows a night sky and two shooting stars moving around.…

4 votes
No Trousers here! eCard

No Trousers here!

In this Great Ecard you see the top halves of a couple who are holding hands.…

4 votes
Have a Beer Anniversary eCard

Have a Beer Anniversary

This funny ecard shows a normal couple sitting very relaxed and comfortable…

3 votes
Anniversary Crash eCard

Anniversary Crash

In this funny ecard you see a red car which appears to be moving very fast.…

4 votes
Anniversary Life eCard

Anniversary Life

In this funny e-card you see a middle-aged couple standing in a bluey-grey…

3 votes

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