Friends Like You Monkey eCard

Friends Like You Monkey

This cute fun e-card shows a monkey trying to jump up a tree to get to the…

Happy Anniversary Elephant eCard

Happy Anniversary…

This e-card starts with an elephant sitting at home watching TV. All of a sudden…

4 votes
Best of Friends eCard

Best of Friends

This e-card commences with an elephant that is sitting on the jungle floor…

4 votes
Sorry Elephant eCard

Sorry Elephant

The first time I saw this card I actually laughed out loud! This sorry e-card…

4 votes
I Miss You Elephant eCard

I Miss You Elephant

This is about our soppiest e-card we have! The e card starts with a big male…

4 votes

Muneerah Fuazudeen Sent Voted Worlds Greatest Mum

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Muneerah Fuazudeen Sent Voted Worlds Greatest Mum

15 minutes ago

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