eCards Media Ltd has fast become one of the most recognised and respected email marketing companies in the UK. We are one of only a handful of independent media owners specialising in providing a tailored email solution to clients since 2005 priding our service in customer insight, effective technologies, and proven creative solutions. boasts exclusive access to more than 1.2 million highly responsive UK consumers generated exclusively via its flagship website.

Along with representing our own data eCards Media Ltd represent an open network of over 18 consumer lists, allowing us the capability to reach over 13 million opted in UK consumers, giving our clients the opportunity to deliver highly tailored and targeted solus email campaigns across multiple marketing verticals. Our data profiling technology means we are able to target campaigns based on both geo and demographic filters allowing us to maximise conversion rates and ultimately ROI.

Email Marketing:

Email marketing has increasingly become an integral part of the marketing strategy of all major brands and businesses worldwide. At eCards Media Ltd we view email marketing as a cost effective alternative to traditional marketing methods. Tracking each campaign individually providing clients with a detailed and comprehensive stats review of exactly how their ROI has been achieved. Email marketing can be used for nurturing leads, build brand awareness, obtain prospects, build customer loyalty and generate sales.

Email marketing is a much more impulsive medium than direct mail. Most campaigns receive the vast majority of responses within 72 hours. Email recipients tend to reply immediately when they open the email - if the offer is relevant to them. As we produce our creative we need to key into this to encourage the responses we want.

Email Creative build:

Our experienced creative and design team has a superb combined understanding of all aspects of acquisition email and retention-based email/newsletter design thus allowing the smooth delivery of cutting-edge creative that is aesthetic, functional and innovative. Full creative design and build from clients brief to the signed off HTML is competitively priced at £250.00 per creative.

Data Profile:

Database Size (March 2012): 1,300,000

Targeting Options: User Demographic Profile:
Age Gender Gender:
Postcode No Of children 60% Female
Car Type Income 40% Male
Car Make Wear Glasses
Occupation Marital status Age Breakdown:
Homeowner Newspaper readership Under 20: 12%
Broadband supplier Mobile Phone Supplier 20 - 30: 31%
Interests Pets 30 - 40: 29%
Home insurance Car Insurance 40 - 50: 16%
Occupation Sports 50 - 60: 9%
TV Provider 60+: 5%

Rate Card

Base Cost: £15CPM + £5 CPM per filter applied

Reduced CPM with full base broadcast.

Tracking Report

Upon completion of the campaign a full tracking report is delivered to the advertiser detailing:

  • Total Delivered
  • Total Opened
  • Opening Rate
  • Total Clicks
  • Click Through Rate

Example Campaigns: