Phat Santa eCard

Phat Santa

Now this Christmas e-cards is Phat (notice the PH!). It starts off with two…

12 votes
Xmas Cracker eCard

Xmas Cracker

This Christmas e card starts off with a reign deer and Santa at either ends…

85 votes
Santa Sled eCard

Santa Sled

This Christmas e card is great fun and interactive. It starts off with Santa…

88 votes
Delivery Time eCard

Delivery Time

This interactive Christmas e-card is fantastic. Users start off seeing three…

121 votes
Christmas Click eCard

Christmas Click

This is a really fun ineteractive christmas e-card. As the user clicks arroung…

212 votes
Xmas fun eCard

Xmas fun

This Christmas e-card is very interactive. It starts off with a scene of a…

392 votes
Squash Santa eCard

Squash Santa

This Christmas e card starts off with Santa on a sleigh being pulled by a rocket…

35 votes
Santas Revenge eCard

Santas Revenge

This interactive Christmas e-card starts off with a nice snowy house in the…

56 votes
Xmas Party eCard

Xmas Party

This Christmas Party Invitation starts off with 3 characters dancing all wearing…

5 votes
Desperate Housewife eCard

Desperate Housewife

This is a really funny eCard in which an old, desperate granny has set up a…

23 votes

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These interactive Christmas ecards are great fun. By interactive we mean that the user or recipient of the ecard can click on certain elements and things will happen. So for example Santa might be stuck in a chimney and you have to click on him to push him down the chimney. It adds a really fun level of interaction with the ecard and hopefully the recipient of the ecard will really enjoy it.