St Patricks Day eCard

St Patricks Day

This St Patrick's Day e-card starts off with a top view of a circle of froth…

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St.Patricks Day eCard

St.Patricks Day

This small eCard of a group of irish people and a snake the snake jumps through…

We Go Mad eCard

We Go Mad

This small animation of a stereotyipical Irish person, Ginger of course,this…

Pats Irish Eyes eCard

Pats Irish Eyes

This very green eCard shows a little blue bird singing an irish song. Text…


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This great festival from Ireland is celebrated on the 17th march and is a celebration which dates back to feast of St Patrick who is the most recognized patron stain of Ireland. To most of us it just involves having a few pints of Guinness with friends. It usually involves wearing Green, a parade, general festivities and having a good time. We have a load of eCards for this great St Patrick's Day celebration and they are all free to send.