Nasty Dog - Pillow eCard

Nasty Dog - Pillow

This classic Nasty Dog eCard shows the truth of how Stinky Pillow's came to…

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Nasty Dog - Scratching eCard

Nasty Dog - Scratching

A funny Nasty Dog eCard which starts off with 'Man's Bestfriend' written at…

Nasty Dog - Promise eCard

Nasty Dog - Promise

This hilarious eCard shows Nasty Dog trying his hardest not to mount his owners…

Nasty Dog - New Year eCard

Nasty Dog - New Year

This quick and rude eCard show's a calendar being mistreated by Nasty Dog.…

Nasty Dog - Lick eCard

Nasty Dog - Lick

This rude eCard show's Nasty dog licking himself in an unfortunate place and…

Nasty Dog - Castration eCard

Nasty Dog - Castration

A funny Nasty Dog eCard which shows Nasty Dog's owner getting fed up with his…

Nasty Dog - Bus Stop eCard

Nasty Dog - Bus Stop

A funny Nasty Dog eCard which shows Nasty Dog harassing an old man at a bus…

Nasty Dog - Making Friends eCard

Nasty Dog - Making…

This Nasty Dog eCard starts off with text appearing on the screen which reads…


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This is a series of ecards which are all jokes and are centered around the character nasty dog. He is basically this nasty little dog who goes around causing trouble and shagging things. He is basically the equivalent of 14 year old teenager !