Birthday Tea eCard

Birthday Tea

This is a fun Birthday eCard that features an interactive design. Your recipient…

18 votes
Birthday (Old Man) eCard

Birthday (Old Man)

This birthday e-card starts off with a picture of a dog standing up looking…

91 votes
Belated Birthday Sheep eCard

Belated Birthday Sheep

This of all the cards is my favourite Birthday e-card and it is also interactive.…

116 votes
Birthday (4 Girls) eCard

Birthday (4 Girls)

This interactive birthday e-card is designed for girls in mind as the recipient.…

348 votes
Birthday (4 Boys) eCard

Birthday (4 Boys)

This interactive Birthday e card starts off with a picture of 3 presents and…

87 votes
Bake a Cake eCard

Bake a Cake

This is a fun, interactive Birthday eCard in which the recipient gets to bake…

67 votes
Birthday Birds eCard

Birthday Birds

This card is an interactive animation, it's by far the best happy birthday…

16 votes
Birthday Doggy Style eCard

Birthday Doggy Style

This saucy birthday e-card starts off with a fantastic looking girl on all…

18 votes

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Rebecca Keely Sent Birthday Birds

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What is an interactive Birthday ecard? Well I'll tell you they are animations which a user can click on certain elements of the card and something will happen. So it might be push this button and the dog will be hit with a frying pan. These cards add a level of interaction for the user so they are probably most appropriate to be sent to young people as many of the older generations might struggle in working out what they have to do to experience the whole card.