Easter Eggs eCard

Easter Eggs

In this animation a bunch of easter eggs pop up from the background covering…

4 votes
Easter Bunny Machine eCard

Easter Bunny Machine

This Easter e-card starts off with seeing a stack of Easter eggs all in boxes…

29 votes
Russian Egg eCard

Russian Egg

This small eCard is all about a little girl that has an easter egg in the form…

1 votes
Making an Easter Egg eCard

Making an Easter Egg

This card is very imaginative, perfect for giving to someone at easter, the…

Get me an Easter Egg! eCard

Get me an Easter Egg!

This small animation is of a girl who didn't get an easter egg but her brother…

Easter Chick eCard

Easter Chick

This little animation of a little baby chick thats standing onto of an easter…

Thieving Easter Bunny eCard

Thieving Easter Bunny

This rather humorous clip of a bunny trying to gather easter eggs for easter,…


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These fun Easter ecards mostly feature bunnies and seasonal characters as you would expect. Great fun for kids and all the ecards are free to send and you can even post them to facebook.