Mood To Be Rude eCard

Mood To Be Rude

A hilarious eCard showing a singing bear and his back-up maracca-playing monkey…

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Lap Dancing eCard

Lap Dancing

This funny eCard shows stripper offerring a customer a free lap dance. He accepts…

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Uh-Oh Surgeons  eCard

Uh-Oh Surgeons

This funny but rude eCard shows a very serious tranplant operation underway.…

Uh-oh Aliens eCard

Uh-oh Aliens

This funny but rude eCard shows 3 aliens standing around on their planet. They…

Dancing Frank! eCard

Dancing Frank!

This awesome animation of the Frankenstein in the year 1780 dancing with modern…


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These joke ecards are all singing and dancing ones and are great fun - everyone loves signing cards because they are just so silly and translate well to ecards. Its just a bit off fun out of a manic day in the office. They are all free to send and you can even past them to facebook aswell...