I miss you (Gone) eCard

I miss you (Gone)

This is a sweet romantic ecard in which a couple are playing in the leaves…

50 votes
I Miss You Elephant eCard

I Miss You Elephant

This is about our soppiest e-card we have! The e card starts with a big male…

43 votes
Baby I Miss You! eCard

Baby I Miss You!

This eCard is all about a guy that misses his girlfriend on christmas and starts…

2 votes
Lets Make Up eCard

Lets Make Up

If you and your other half have had a lovers tiff, then this eCard is bound…

6 votes
Keep in touch eCard

Keep in touch

This card is perfect for letting a friend or lover that you want to stay in…

Miss U eCard

Miss U

This I miss you e card starts off with a city skyline and you see activity…

0 votes
Drive me Crazy eCard

Drive me Crazy

This I Miss You ecard starts off with a woman who is at the window of her house.…

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Nicole Brunnhuber Sent I miss you (Gone)

24 days ago

Marco Figueira Sent I Miss You Elephant

26 days ago

Keith Whte Sent I Miss You Elephant

26 days ago

Serkan Ahmet Sent I miss you (Gone)

26 days ago

Serkan Ahmet Sent I miss you (Gone)

26 days ago

These romantic ecards are all themed arround the message saying "I Miss You" and they are all so soppy. I really like the elephant looking into a river and seeing his partners reflection in it. My girlfriend (now wife) went really guey when I sent it to her and it had the desired effect!