Daughter eCard


This birthday ecard is great fun and is meant to be sent to the senders daughter.…

20 votes
Wife eCard


This is a great birthday ecard for your wife to say happy birthday with. It…

5 votes
Grandad eCard


This birthday ecard starts of with a picture of an old man holding a bar of…

14 votes
Brother eCard


This birthday ecard starts off with a picture of a boy bouncing a football…

32 votes
Son eCard


This birthday ecard is for sending to your son. It starts off with a son standing…

18 votes
Sister eCard


This is a great birthday ecard for your sister. It starts off with a picture…

27 votes
Dad eCard


This birthday ecard starts off with the scene of the father in his tool shed…

35 votes
Husband eCard


This birthday ecard is very soppy and is great for sending to your husband.…

7 votes
Grandma eCard


This Birthday ecard is great for your Grandmother. It starts off with her doing…

15 votes

June Waller Sent Son

14 days ago

Nicola Hampson Sent Grandad

14 days ago


18 days ago

Dennis Donovan Sent Grandad

23 days ago

William Turnham Sent Son

19 minutes ago

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