Lead generation is a rapidly growing tool used in the realm of online marketing. As a market leader in lead generation, eCards Media Ltd offers advertisers the ability to generate qualified leads based on their target audience. The idea of purchasing leads is a tried and tested method of minimising risk and maximising ROI. One of the unique selling points of eCards Media Ltd is that we do not incentivise traffic in anyway and therefore ensure that all leads generated will be due to a real interest in the product/service being offered.

Our bespoke in house tracking system means that we are able to take full control and responsibility of the tracking process. This has several benefits:

  1. Clients can cap lead figures to allow for accurate budget forecasting
  2. Quality of leads is measurable and traceable
  3. Time consumption for sourcing/scheduling and broadcasting is removed from the client
  4. A clear registration process is created

www.BigLeadGen.com is our bespoke tracking platform that provides a live feed to the progress and performance of a campaign. It enables us to monitor individual campaign performance across multiple mailing lists using a variety of lead generation methods (Solus, Co-reg, Display etc). This means we can analyse and adapt each campaign to ensure we are achieving maximum conversions and meeting specified performance objectives. The system also has the capability to export data from a specified campaign (whether it be clickers or actual leads), meaning we can de-dupe after each broadcast to ensure that your brand is protected and not sent to the same consumer multiple times.

Unique logins can be provided on request to allow clients and mailing lists the opportunity to login and gain a visual insight into the performance of their campaign.

In conclusion the big lead gen platform is a tool which allows eCards media to differentiate from competitors and add value to the clients overall experience and level of service provided.