Happy New Year London Dancing eCard

Happy New Year London…

This New Years Eve eCards starts off with a skyline of London and Big Ben is…

211 votes
New Years Slob eCard

New Years Slob

This is a really funny New Years e Card in which a man is slobbing out in front…

10 votes
New Year Frog eCard

New Year Frog

This little frog, you may have seen before but this time he wants to wish you…

2 votes
Penguin Christmas eCard

Penguin Christmas

This cute animation is perfect for sending to anyone in the family, a group…

3 votes
New year eCard

New year

This card shows a tree with apples growing on it. Above the tree, there is…

Happy Independence Day! eCard

Happy Independence…

'Happy Independence day' is depcted in this card after a young boy, lights…

Happy July 4th eCard

Happy July 4th

This card starts off with a 3D America, when a small animation jumps out with…


Paula Draper Sent Happy July 4th

16 days ago

Paula Draper Sent Happy July 4th

16 days ago

Ruth Hoyle Sent Happy July 4th

14 days ago

Jean Brenan Sent Happy July 4th

14 days ago

Dad Annie Sent Happy July 4th

15 days ago

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