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Card Description

Thank You Fang You!

Need to say a big thanks to someone special? Then our new Thank You e-Card is a great choice! It is part of our Face It range so you can upload a photo of yourself and incorporate it into the card for that extra personal touch! This particular card shows a night time scene with a haunted castle on top of a steep hill. The full moon is out, we enter the castle and see Draculas coffin. An old creepy hand appears and slides the coffin lid off, Dracula has risen for the night! We then see Dracula creeping up the long stair case and head towards a bedroom. The recipient will see you posing as Dracula, and the accompanying text "Fang You very much" pops up on screen. A great choice of e-Card if want to have a bit of fun and say thanks at the same time!

Thank You, Thanks, Appreciate It, I owe you, Face it, free e-Card, vampire, scary, funny, fang, blood, card, ecard

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