Sorry I Forgot Mum eCard

Sorry I Forgot Mum

Text appears at the top of the page at the beginning of this Mothers day e-card…

2 votes
Forgot Mothers Day eCard

Forgot Mothers Day

Mums come in all shapes and sizes, and this is true. The shot scrolls past…

5 votes
Birthday Relax eCard

Birthday Relax

This birthday ecard starts off with a girl sitting at her desk typing away…

216 votes
Love Oaf eCard

Love Oaf

The user sees a close up of a small flower at the beginning of this Valentines…

6 votes
Beautiful Xmas Scene eCard

Beautiful Xmas Scene

This Christmas e-card is a very nice gentle one. It starts off with a picturesque…

373 votes
Penguin Pressy eCard

Penguin Pressy

This Christmas e-card starts off with two penguins (a male and female) on a…

25 votes

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