FaceIt eCard Gay Lifestyle Magazine eCard

Gay Lifestyle Magazine

Do you have a gay best friend? If so they treat him to the fantastic birthday…

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FaceIt eCard Birthday Gossip eCard

Birthday Gossip

All girls love a bit of juicy gossip, so why not send your gossip loving best…

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FaceIt eCard Wishing you the World of Luck eCard

Wishing you the World…

Is someone close to you about to reach an exciting new stage in their life?…

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Best Dad in the World eCard

Best Dad in the World

Fathers Day is coming around again and with this e-card he wont be able to…

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Always Count on Me eCard

Always Count on Me

This is an e-card to celebrate the Birthday of someone close to you who knows…

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Gabi Hergert Sent Santas Sleigh

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