Birthday Wax (Rude) eCard

Birthday Wax (Rude)

This Birthday e-card is the most popular card on the site at the moment. It…

303 votes
Birthday Stick eCard

Birthday Stick

An old married couple are lying in bed at the beginning of this birthday e…

23 votes
Scared Slag eCard

Scared Slag

This e-card starts off with a picture of a slightly tubby looking hooker standing…

29 votes
Bithday Kite eCard

Bithday Kite

This birthday e-card starts off with a man standing on a hill flying a kite.…

10 votes

Yvonne Ansell Sent Birthday Tea

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Yvonne Ansell Sent Bake a Cake

34 minutes ago

Fleur Weddle Sent Birthday Curry and Beer

54 minutes ago

Julianne Walbridge Sent Pass Driving Test

22 minutes ago

Louise Waller-Smith Sent Blooming Birthday

13 minutes ago