No (Begging) eCard

No (Begging)

This reply e-card starts of with a scene of a person on his knees, hands together…

11 votes
No (Tease) eCard

No (Tease)

This reply e-card starts off with a picture of a fish underwater putting its…

14 votes
Yes (Will Travel) eCard

Yes (Will Travel)

This starts of with a person far in the distance and they start running towards…

12 votes
No (U Loser) eCard

No (U Loser)

This is a bit of a harsh reply e-card - it starts off with a hand pointing…

12 votes
Yes (Change 4 U) eCard

Yes (Change 4 U)

The scene of this e-card starts off with a person at work and they answer the…

8 votes
Yes (Forced) eCard

Yes (Forced)

This e-card is a man dangling over a load of spikes indicating that he is being…

11 votes
No (Ball & Chain) eCard

No (Ball & Chain)

This reply e-card starts off with a cute little teddy bear walking up to the…

6 votes
Yeah Yeah eCard

Yeah Yeah

This fun eCard starts off with text saying 'In reply to your message.. I would…

2 votes
Yes (Excited) eCard

Yes (Excited)

This e-card starts off with a picture of a mobile phone ringing. A person picks…

36 votes
No (Rude!) Goat eCard

No (Rude!) Goat

The first scene of this reply e-card has a little street boy kind of bloke…

0 votes

Diane Senior Sent Yes (Will Travel)

29 days ago

Jo Robertson Sent Yes (Will Travel)

28 days ago

E-Card Lex Sent No (Tease)

54 minutes ago

Gill Gibbs Sent Yes (Change 4 U)

24 days ago

Eoin Kennedy Sent Yes (Will Travel)

10 days ago

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