Xmas Red Nose eCard

Xmas Red Nose

This Christmas e-card starts off with Rudolf looking upset sitting on a bench…

9 votes
Head or Tails eCard

Head or Tails

This is a Christmas e-card and the e card starts off with Santa and Rudolf…

52 votes
Crossmouse eCard


This christmas e-card starts off with a mouse appearing on screen and looking…

31 votes
Thanks A Lot Fatso eCard

Thanks A Lot Fatso

A Christmas themed e-card here for you showing that being fat does in fact…

11 votes
Fat Snowman eCard

Fat Snowman

This Christmas e-card commences with a small boy making a snowman and you see…

15 votes
Striking Deer eCard

Striking Deer

This Christmas ecard starts with Santa in his Sleigh and he is flying along…

22 votes
Dirty Santa - Poor Reindeer  eCard

Dirty Santa - Poor…

This Christmas e-card starts by Santa walking on screen and you see text saying…

79 votes
Santa Training eCard

Santa Training

This Christmas e card starts off showing a calendar and a bit of a weedy looking…

22 votes
Chick Christmas eCard

Chick Christmas

A purple and red chequered present sits in the middle of the animation until…


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Steve Parish Sent Merry Xmas

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K Dono Sent Merry Xmas

13 days ago

K Dono Sent Merry Xmas

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We've a massive amount of free funny eCards here at BirthdayeCards.com. Yes they are all completely free to send and there are literally thousands to choose from. Some of them will split your sides when you watch them and others are a little bit rude but they are all great fun. You can post a card to facebook and it will apea in the timeline of the recipient. This is great because it means that all your friends and all their friends will be able to enjoy the card also.