Love Sweet eCard

Love Sweet

This e-card begins with a bit of text saying "you are so sweet". It then displays…

4 votes
Attracted 2 U eCard

Attracted 2 U

The scene of this e-card starts off with a truck going along the motorway and…

2 votes
Horny Rhino eCard

Horny Rhino

This e card starts with a rhino walking along the savannah and a female rhino…

4 votes
Romantic Cat... eCard

Romantic Cat...

This e-card is a little rude and it starts with a cat appearing and the camera…

3 votes
I Miss You Elephant eCard

I Miss You Elephant

This is about our soppiest e-card we have! The e card starts with a big male…

4 votes
Crazy About You! eCard

Crazy About You!

This e-card is by one of our French designers and it shows! A crazy little…

4 votes

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