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Card Description

Funny Belated Birthday Sheep

This of all the cards is my favourite Birthday e-card and it is also interactive. It starts off with a picture of a sheep looking slightly worried and text above it appears saying "I forgot your birthday now take your revenge". Below the sheep are the symbols; a frying pan, a cricket bat and an anvil. When the user clicks on the frying pan the sheep is hit in the face with a pan. When the user clicks the cricket bat the sheep is then whacked in the nuts with the bat. When the user clicks the anvil a large shadow appears above the sheep and it looks up - at the last minute the sheep steps sideways and the anvil lands next to him - all of a sudden a car crashed down on top of the sheep bonnet first and squashes the sheep. Text then appears above the car saying "Happy Birthday sorry I missed it". This is a great e-card for getting you out of those sticky birthday situations when you can’t make the party for some reason or other.

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