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Card Description

This birthday e-card starts off with a picture of a doctor giving a lecture next to a projector screen holding a pointer. Text appears in a speech bubble saying "a recent scientific study has revealed that women....". A woman appears on the projector screen. The speech bubble appears again and it reads "Find different males faces attractive depending on where they are in their menstruation cycle". A picture of a woman’s womb appears and the doctor points to it. The speech bubble text changes to "For example when she is ovulating she will prefer a man with rugged masculine features". A picture of a square jawed man appears and the doctor points to him. The speech bubble text changes to "and just before she is menstruating she will prefer a man doused in petrol". You see a petrol can being poured over the man and text appears saying "set on fire", a match is dropped on the man and he screams in pain. Text appears and says "and had scissors stick into his eyes" two pairs of scissors then stab the man in each eye. The projector screen then rolls up and Happy Birthday appears. I think this is the longest e-card we have but it is great and it is very popular with girls.

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