FaceIt eCard Join The Band! eCard

Join The Band!

If you and your mates reckon you could make some tunes and make the crowd go…

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FaceIt eCard Xmas Rockers eCard

Xmas Rockers

This Christmas card features 5 deer all wearing Santa hats in a band playing…

4 votes
FaceIt eCard Birthday Rock Band eCard

Birthday Rock Band

This Birthday eCard features a thrash rock band pumping out some tunes. There…

4 votes
Husband eCard


This birthday ecard is very soppy and is great for sending to your husband.…

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George S Sent Crazy About You!

23 minutes ago

George S Sent Crazy About You!

24 minutes ago

Gemma Fulton Sent Bake a Cake

1 minute ago

Jackie Young Sent Happy Baaaaathday

53 minutes ago

Graham Bowstead Sent Anniversary (rude) Toothpaste

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